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Success is a Journey AND a Destination.


Source: Success is a Journey AND a Destination.

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Success is a Journey AND a Destination.

I’m a lover of a good quote. I often post quotes that inspire, uplift and make me think about something in a new and more powerful way. So when for the first time I read “Success is a Journey, not a Destination” I thought yes of course. I understand that the idea is; to know that it’s not just the end result that is important but also the process.  What we do to strive for, face and even overcome on any journey towards success at something is intrinsically valuable. Sometimes you may not achieve what is considered success yet in the striving for it you have achieved something often omitted or not even considered on the road to success. The doing is also an achievement.  In some instances success is viewed as a goal only one person can reach, or that you need to be first to have succeeded. Some even feel they are a failure if they come second not recognizing the value of the journey they took and the process of ‘having a go.’ All this I understand about the quote “Success is a Journey, not a Destination.” And perhaps you have your own insights that you can add to mine.

Words are Powerful. Success is a journey. A factor often overlooked and not validated enough is that it is ALSO a destination. All journeys have a destination as part of the concept of a journey. For to journey is to move, to go, to travel from one place to another. To get to our designated destination we choose the way we wish to go, the things we need to take with us, how we will travel and what we need to do along the way towards our successful journey completion.

Let us not replace one false concept with another. To believe that reaching the destination is the only measure of success is not fully accurate. To replace that belief with another, that the destination is not important, is equally mistaken. A journey for journeys sake can be fun and often is. Then clearly your targeted ‘destination’ is a journey with many destinations. For all journeys have stops along the way, otherwise we can become weary, anxious and even exhausted. Most of the truly ‘fun’ journeys are the ones we choose the destination we wish to visit. The journey’s end wish you choose to arrive at. Once  we get there; What joy! What bliss! Aiming for something that we value as a success target is important and motivating.

To journey on simply seeing the journeying as our success is not enough for me. I want to reach a destination and know that I have achieved a goal, a milestone or an aim I set myself. And yes I have had times earlier on where I would feel a failure if I hadn’t reached a target I set or ones others had set for me. It took me my life’s journey into ‘senior hood’ to recognize the value of the journey. Oh boy! And what joyous value insight it is for me, this journey called life. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Yet I still value the destination and the many destinations I have been to. Each destination had within it a wonderful journey. And each destination reached came with it invaluable personal insightful success.

So enjoy the journey, knowing to be on it, in it and moving along it is filled with success opportunities. To keep journeying is success in itself. However the destination is equally important. For in and along any journey there is a destination, a end point, a finality to the journey; be it short or long. That also has intrinsic value. Reaching your destination is also a success. Know too that sometimes along the journey towards one destination we can end up at another more preferred destination. That too is a success outcome. One of the unexpected surprises in life.

What if it’s not so much the journey or the destination but recognizing what is success?

And there in lies another tale………

Dr. Elizabeth Conway.





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Create The Life of Your Dreams

Source: Create The Life of Your Dreams

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Create The Life of Your Dreams


We all dream. Some dreams are left in the land of night, others we remember as a faded memory and some we may remember as if we lived it in reality. Some dreams are dreamt in the light of day, they are called day dreams. Day dreams are often recalled more easily because we had them while awake.

What if you could dream and make your dream a reality? Some already can and have made their dreams a reality. What do they do that perhaps you don’t? Perhaps you have tried and yet somehow the dream has remained just that, a dream. I too am a dreamer. Let me share how I have made my dreams come true.

I have three simple yet seemingly magical things I do to make my dreams appear in physical reality


1)  DREAM. 

The first may seem obvious although you may be surprise at how many cannot dream. Perhaps they are fearful, unbelieving or live a life of structured possibilities. Sometimes our dreams are called nightmares for they are filled with fear or troubling experiences. The dreams we are focusing on here are the ones that fill us with happiness and joy. Whatever it is for you check if you don’t know how to dream, or if you don’t know what to dream for. If you don’t know how to dream start out with little dreams, small hopes and wishes for your life. It may be just to have one day filled with happiness. Or it may be that for one day your business is buzzing with productivity. Or it may be that for one day your family life is full of joyous connection. Or it may be a day filled with personal pampering. Choose a dream that will make you happy, knowing it will bring you joy if it is your reality.

To dream you must be able to see the dream and remember it. Some can vision their dreams easily, while others only get a sense of their dream. If you can vision your dream clearly do so. If you can sense your dream, knowing it in some way, write out your dream clearly so that your vision can be seen in word. Whatever form you dream, DREAM. Then vision your dream often, throughout each day, month and moment until it is your reality. If you have written out your dream, read it often, throughout each day, month and moment until it is your reality.



Once you have dreamt that life you choose to fulfil the next thing that you MUST do is BELIEVE. Yes again it is that simple. Believe that your dream will be your reality, that it is possible to achieve it in manifested form.Many think they believe in their dreams and yet the dream has not become their reality. That is because they did not fully believe that their dreams would come true. Yet even then dreams can come true, if!  If you believe that perhaps it is possible for your dreamed desire to materialize you are on your way to your reality. However no dream becomes reality without belief. When I dream, visualizing regularly the reality of my dream,  feeling the emotions of what it is like to have it in reality I am well and truly on my way to manifestation. AND I never give up on believing in my dream no matter how long it takes to achieve it.



Well you may think, I have dreamt and have believed and now all I have to do is wait for the gods to provide. And still nothing! That is perhaps because you have not known an obvious yet often overlooked anomaly. That Infinite Intelligence, which supports you to manifest your dreams into reality, is in full energy vibration. You alone have the hands, feet and physical form to bring into being the manifested physical form of your dreams. You will be guided, instructed and sent all that you need to achieve the reality of your dreams. But you must be the doer to accomplish that dream to come true. You must be ever vigilant, aware and prepared to take any action that will bring your dreams into reality. You will be given signs, have people and information sent to you that will bring your dream closer to you. You need to recognize the signs, take in and action any information and meet and work with the people sent you. Any or all these actions will lead you to your dreams and make them your reality.

All that is left for me to say now is, HAPPY DREAMING.

Dr. Elizabeth Conway, Msc. D.





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In my work as an alternative therapist many of my clients are givers. They are people with open and loving hearts always considering others. Often never considering their own needs. Many are women who innately see their role in life to be the nurturer, the giver rather than the receiver. Hence they often overtime stop fulfilling their own needs. Stop giving to themselves, having no expectations of getting anything from others. Although giving to others may seem noble and filled with service and it certainly primarily is. Yet if the giver is not receiving also then it is more sacrifice than service.

Giving to yourself is not an selfish or egotistical act. It is about renewing, replenishing and recognizing your own needs being also worthy of being fulfilled. The giver may not receive from those they are helping. The Universe does however offer thanks by delivering gratitude to the giver in other ways and through other offerings or people.

Many givers become overwhelmed in time from the constant giving as others use them without consideration and drain their energies. They are happy to give and they often give of themselves that which the Universe meant only for them. Their energy supply is meant for them. Not to be given away,to be drained. For from that place they are not as effective.

I liken the giving as a cup being emptied. One that eventually is empty with nothing left to give. That is when the giver is often exhausted, over taxed or in breakdown. Meanwhile many around them are still wanting more of them. Yet they have nothing left of themselves to give. As they literally have given their all.

What if the cup was so full that it was overflowing and that overflow is what is given away?

What if the giver receives, accepts and keeps all that the Universe has provided and continues to provide to the giver?

And as their cup overflows then they can give and always be filled themselves.

What a better place to be the giver!

BE filled and filled to overflowing.  Charged, Replenished, Vitalized and in Constant Renewal

The Universe loves the receiver and the giver equally.

What a giver can you be when you are a receiver too!

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Failure is Not a Dirty Word!

Source: Failure is Not a Dirty Word!